Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Essential Orange - inspiration

the essential orange

The Essential Orange is a blog about brands and marketing.

The Orange is my inspiration because it embodies all the potential of a great brand. The Orange is distinct, it offers both tangible and emotional benefits, it is “green”, and it’s engaging.

  • The Orange stands out in a crowded market. The colour is striking. It is contemporary and bold while at the same time being warm and embracing.

  • Oranges have a wonderful taste and are full of vitamin C. Their nutrients help protect the body against harmful elements. They are rejuvenating & refreshing

  • Orange is the ultimate green – they are organic, reusable and recyclable.

  • The Orange is attractive, playful and interesting. It has a great story to tell and has impacted all of us - we each have an unique relationship with the Orange

Yet un-branded, one Orange is indistinct from the other. How can we be sure to buy the absolute best? Price, size, colour, or varietal - do they really help us make a selection? How many times have we brought home a huge gorgeous navel Orange only to be disappointed by the dried out sections inside? We are completely dependent upon the grocer – not the grower (or brand or marketing manager) – to guide our choice.

The Orange is pure potential.