Thursday, April 28, 2011

When you mess up, act quickly & be humble

Today in my inbox I received an email apology from Jill Layfield, the CEO of She was apologizing because of the use of an unfortunate headline used to promote their outerwear and rainwear collection.

"Mother Nature Hates you. Deal with it"

While very fun and witty, the timing of the header could not have been worse as it coincided with the tornado disaster in Alabama and surrounding states.

As most marketers know, email campaigns and headlines are developed weeks in advance based on a promo calendar. While it was too late to catch the headline, the company acted swiftly showing their concern and apologized in a sincere and authentic way.

Based on their handling of the situation, my esteem for this company and affinity for the brand has increased. (I think I'll go like them on Facebook to show my support).

When you mess up....act quickly, be authentic and humble.