Friday, April 7, 2017

Luggage reimagined - leveraging your core competency to grow

At the core of the global brand Bugaboo's DNA is mobility.  This Netherlands based company redefined the baby stroller in the mid-nineties enabling Moms and Dads to easily maneuver urban streetscapes.  It opened up a whole new experience for baby who could now accompany a parent on jogging routes and be easily bused around in cars, into restaurants and onto planes.

And speaking of planes, the Dutch designers have applied their core competency towards creating luggage.  What makes their concept unique is that the suitcase is designed  to be pushed, which totally makes sense.  Pulling luggage, especially when it's heavy is a drag, literally.  With the brand's solid reputation and earned trust in its mobility solution, this brand extension is a great example of leveraging a core competency to innovate and grow.