Thursday, May 21, 2009

when life imitates advertising

T-Mobile's "Dance", the flashmob hit engineered as part of the "Life is for Sharing" campaign running in the U.K. was produced in January and has had over 11 million hits on YouTube. (You can also see it in my post in January). In fact, "Dance" has been so popular that fans, using Facebook, tried to stage a re-enactment as a silent disco using music piped in through headphones. But when over 12,000 people showed up at Liverpool Station, police shut them down for safety reasons.

How does T-mobile top this viral hit?

Well, they staged "Sing", a mass karaoke held in London's Trafalgar Square. Over 13,000 responded to the flyers inviting people to gather. Instead of dancing they sang a number of songs including the Beattle classic "Hey Jude". The event was captured on a huge screen and was recorded by 24 cameras. There were many mobile phone moments including a surprise appearance by Pink.

What next?

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