Sunday, April 25, 2010

emarketing - emails you'd love to receive? Is it possible?

As I was going through my Yahoo account this morning, I realized it was out of control. Hundreds of unopened emails from a host of great companies trying to solicit my business. And in amongst this sea of company names, emails from friends were being overlooked. This wasn't working. Time to unsubscribe to get incoming mail to a manageable amount.

This made me think....what is it that companies need to do to really stand out and deserve my attention? Most of the emails were like sales flyers, companies selling me what's on promotion. Unless it's big news like, my favourite hiking boots that I've viewed 8 times are now 50% off, I'm really not that interested.

So what is it that companies need to do to generate and keep my interest? In contemplating this question I came across a piece of advice from a relatively unknown (or at least to me) email marketing company called Madmimi

I often feel that the best way to treat your list with respect is to sit and think of yourself for a little while. Think of how important you are to your customers, how your product, service or newsletter improves your readers’ day and even improves their lives.

Great, now you can create an email which shows your passion and, like laughter, passion can be infectious. Imbue your emails with sincerity and your contacts will appreciate you all the more for it.

There’s another side to this idea. Think of yourself some more but this time as if you’re the recipient. What makes you open up an email in your inbox. What makes you click on a link or read it til the end? When do you feel you’re being respected and when do you feel that your email address is taken advantage of (ugh! No one wants to be spammy!).

It’s really helpful to write an email you’d love to receive

I think this is great inspiration and a powerful filter for any email marketing campaign.

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