Friday, March 20, 2009

Help Goodness Grow (and build brand loyalty)

Every once in a while you come across an ad or a promotion that really makes you smile and feel good about being in the marketing industry. At The Essential Orange, I draw my inspiration from the orange because it represents the pure potential that all good brands have – they are differentiated, they have both functional and emotional benefits, they are engaging and they are “green” – responsible at a minimum, in a perfect world giving back more to the planet than what they consume. Good brands are ones we would miss if they ceased to exist.

One such brand is Campbell’s soup, and if there were an “Essential Orange award”, they would receive one for the absolutely lovely promotion they just launched for tomato soup.

Campbell’s Soup has created an interactive website that educates, gives back and inspires. This is the kind of promotion that deepens the relationship a brand has with existing customers, making them feel good about their brand choice. It’s this type of marketing activity, I would argue, that helps leading brands differentiate themselves from private label and builds long term equity with the consumer.

I encourage you to click here to visit the website

Here is a quick overview:

It’s all about the Farm

The promotion achieves a number of things:
- Creates awareness of the National Future Farmers of Amercia, (FFA) an organization that is developing tomorrow’s agricultural leaders through education and leadership skills (kind of like an "uber" 4H Club)
- Makes site visitors feel good and get them involved in a cause. For every click you make for free, tomato seeds are donated to the FFA.
- Educates folks on Campbell’s efforts to promote sustainable agriculture
- Helps us become (better) tomato gardeners – free seeds with proof of purchase and growing tips from experts. (Baby seedlings can even be started in soup cans)
- oh yes, and get us to buy more soup by using some of their recipes

And if that isn’t enough for one promotion to achieve, the site also builds awareness for what I think is a very cool project – restoring old iconic red barns. Campbell’s does a great job storytelling and you can follow the progress on new projects.

Well done Campbell’s (and G2 Interactive) – highly engaging, super relevant brand and business building promotion.

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