Friday, March 13, 2009

Is brown the new green?

Good ideas are still aplenty at Starbucks....

After VIA (ok, not everyone a fan) and their new Heritage design store (the good idea is that they are located down the street from me -thank you free WiFi and comfy leather chairs!!)....the other good idea is the new umbrella shape.

These new umbrellas are triangularly shaped and can fit into tight spaces. They are also designed to withstand the wind and thus avoid being picked up in the air like an unfortunate Mary Poppins.

But hold on..... for all you brand & marketing gurus that follow Starbucks, check out the new graphics (click on image to enlarge) where's the familiar logo?....and wait....where's the green???

While the new style is practical and modern, people do not associate brown with Starbucks. In locating a store, the signature green umbrella has worked as a visual landmark breaking through the patchwork of overhead signage and streets littered with sandwich boards.

What do you think? Is Starbucks moving too fast and too far from the equity in the green umbrella?

Is this a good idea??


  1. although it may seem strange tactic, but i personally like it. i think it's works in many ways:
    1- someone who don't know the old logo: oh! what's this? does satrbucks change its logo?
    later that day... have you seen the new starbucks logo?..........> WOM
    2- good reason to make buzz, WOM, feature stories,... specially in weblogs, press...
    3- works as a reminder for those who recognize the old logo: nostalgy, reminder of the starbucks history...heritage
    4- teach those who do not know the history,logo,...: starbucks has a unique history...HERITAGE!
    5-drink more...

  2. You can tweak mega brands ... Make wholesale changes at your own peril.