Monday, June 6, 2011

How a 404 error can actually build your brand (and keep customers)

How often has this happened to you? You are trying to get some needed information on a website and whammo.....401 Error NOT FOUND pops up to your dismay.

Getting a 404 error (server not found) on a website or while trying to subscribe to an online newsletter can be a frustrating experience for the end user and leave a poor impression of your business. 400 or 500 errors are caused by broken links when a page is moved or deleted.

OK - stuff happens and you don't usually catch a broken link until it's brought to your attention. In the meantime, you have spent time and resources to drive people to your website and you are frustrating and potentially losing these visitors.

So what to do? Having a great 404 error page is as important as creating great content and can engage visitors while redirecting folks back to your homepage. It's a good way to create a second chance and reinforce your brand voice.

Here are some great examples of messages to get your inspired. Feel free to share your favorites!

CSS Tricks



Acorn Creative

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